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Nothing is more painful than when families experience marital and financial difficulties, or experience serious illness or death of a family member or loved one. As one of the leading divorce lawyers in Houston, I, Sandra J. Peake, recognize that the dissolution of a family relationship can be one of the most difficult of life’s challenges. Breakups impact your future, your children’s future, future financial health and overall family structure. During times of emotional distress, it is easy to make poor decisions or approach any of the cheap lawyers in Houston. However, you need a dispassionate lawyer working on your behalf who can aggressively and compassionately represent your interests over any cheap divorce lawyers. That is why it is important to have the benefit of sound legal advice while you are deciding what to do with the rest of your life.


With over 27 years of legal experience dedicated to helping families in Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery and Brazoria counties, my experience, commitment to service, and personal attention to detail, enhances my ability to represent your interest and allows me to come to your rescue when you are looking for one of the divorce lawyers in Houston. Be assured that your case will be handled with the concern and attention you require. Furthermore, I believe direct communication between attorney and client is imperative to the successful outcome of every case. Unlike other so-called cheap divorce lawyers, I expect each client to be an active partner, participant and fully informed at every juncture. Contrasting cheap lawyers for divorce in Houston, for me, no question is too trivial if it involves your family.


Divorce, custody battles and many other family conflicts can be handled in a manner that minimizes stress and associated costs. Personal battles should not become more important than the ultimate objective by feeding conflicts instead of nurturing resolutions; this is something that other cheap lawyers in Houston do. During this emotionally charged time, as an experienced, effective attorney, I understand the anguish, and will work tirelessly to sort out these issues. When you choose me out of all other cheap divorce lawyers in Houston, my job will be to guide you through the process with sound legal advice, care and compassion.

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