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Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Have you ever heard of a plate of Photo Blocker Spray photos or block license plate cover? These products increase in popularity as the war against unjust infringements and traffic roars. Many people today may have been victims of a trap of red light cameras. No matter where you go always seems to be a camera around. At red lights, take a picture if you happen to go through a yellow light and then turn red. Although increasing in number, many motorists are unaware that these traffic cameras are used mainly by private security companies that benefit from operating cameras in municipalities.

On the other hand, most people do not know these private companies rake in great benefits when they catch someone on camera breaking the law … or so they say. Many cities have been found guilty of altering the time of the yellow light remains in violation of most people, which means more money coming in. This privatization income has increased not only for themselves but for the subcontractor as well. The main reason behind these cameras is security, but for many others, it may be an argument just because drivers often have rear-ended trying to avoid them at a red light. These camera traps are characterized by making many mistakes at the drivers’ expense. But for local police is a great way to increase revenue, and the subcontractor also benefits. The private security company provides each location of the camera, and when a driver passes a red light, their registration is recorded, and issued a citation. While the actual rate that the subcontractor charges can vary greatly, in most cases, the more significant percentage of the fee is for them. This makes a lot of money to the subcontractor in the unit cost and may be the reason for the increase in fines traffic today. These camera traps are popping up everywhere, especially in urban areas with a large amount of traffic. When it comes to security, many contend that these traps are for security but just another way to make more money. For many, these cameras are considered a nuisance, and in many cases, they have a high error rate resulting from the fines that the driver has little chance of winning.

Because of this, many companies already offer ways to make your plate more challenging to capture on film with a photo Blocker Spray lock and license plate covers. The spray photo blocker photo and licensing lock cover plate created a “Fog” when photographed and did not give the camera a clear picture. When the camera flashes, making the real image blur, it can not be read accurately and avoid ticket issuance. There are some options you have when trying to make it harder for the camera to capture its license plate number, and the reason products like photo blocker spray and photo license plate cover block are increasing in use. Manufacturers encourage these products are not abused but instead to protect the label of being unfairly caught on film. For some, it is good to know that there are some options to combat these unfair traffic violations. These days, it’s becoming easier to fall victim to a camera trap and the following headache. Photo Blocker Spray certainly helps when you would like to prevent your license plate from getting photographed. So when you want to keep your information private and out of the hands of private security companies that run the camera traps, visit us at Photo Blocker Spray, where you’ll discover more simple ways to protect your driving record.

San Antonio Fatal Motorcycle Accidents Attorney

San Antonio Fatal Motorcycle Accidents Attorney:

Have you lost a loved one to a fatal motorcycle accident? Fatal accidents are difficult to handle. Let our law firm in San Antonio help. Motorcycle accidents in San Antonio are particularly common because of the excessive amount of traffic. Operating a motorcycle in San Antonio requires extreme caution and an ability to anticipate the bad driving of the other driver.accident injury l;awyers

Motorcycle Accident Causes

Motorcycle accidents can involve 18 wheelers, other vehicles, or even other motorcycles. Because of the lack of protection that a motorcycle provides, accidents involving motorcycles can have devastating consequences. These cases usually involve basic negligence.

Some fatal motor vehicle accidents turn into dram shop cases if the deceased had been drinking or the person that caused the accident had been drinking at an establishment that sold alcohol. If the person who caused the accident had been drinking, the bar needs to be investigated immediately. Cash and credit card receipts need to be obtained. Please see our page on “dram shop cause of action\liquor liability”.

Juries can be hard on motorcycle drivers. In San Antonio and other major cities across the country, the motorcycle driver has a bad reputation. Many drivers believe motorcycle drivers are more dangerous by nature than other drivers. Thus, it is important to select a fatal motorcycle accident lawyer who will keep in mind that when picking a jury, that people with this type of preconceived notion is not allowed to sit as a juror.

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Car Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Law


Have you been injured in a car accident? Our car accident lawyers and attorneys from a personal injury litigation firm have joined forces to assist car accident victims throughout the state. By pooling our collective experience and extensive resources, we are able to provide quality personal injury representation to those who need it most. We have successfully represented thousands of clients. More on this website
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We have extensive experience in auto accident cases, including:

Car accidents
Passenger truck accidents
Commercial truck accidents
Motorcycle accidents
Railroad crossing accidents
Boating or watercraft accidents
Head-on collisions, rear-end collisions, side impact collisions
Vehicle rollovers

If you have suffered an injury, contact a car accident attorney.

A Proven History of Success
We have successfully represented clients in all types of auto accident and motor vehicle collision cases. We are familiar with Texas laws and the types of compensation available to auto accident victims. We are experienced trial lawyers who have brought more than 100 cases to verdict and thousands of cases to settlement — including many multi-million dollar settlements.

All Serious Injuries
We have the experience and legal sophistication necessary to handle cases involving the most serious injuries. We have handled cases involving paraplegia or quadriplegia, broken bones, fractures, brain and spinal cord injuries, scars, burns, disfigurement, traumatic brain injury, closed head injuries, other catastrophic injuries and wrongful death.

All Accident Cases
As personal injury attorneys, we often consult accident reconstruction experts, retired Texas state troopers and other investigative experts who can help investigate your case and gather critical evidence on your behalf. If you were injured by a driver who was speeding, tailgating, driving drunk, violating cellphone laws, experiencing road rage or otherwise engaging in negligent driving, we will leave no stone unturned in our effort to recover for you.

If you have been injured in a car accident and need to speak with a lawyer, we encourage you to contact us.

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